The Beginning

It all started with the YOGAFUNC BPM Tap app. One morning, I asked Chad if he could code my own BPM Tap app, which I frequently need for my work. In a few seconds, I showed my wife the first version of that app. My mind was blown! If I have an idea, I have an assistant that can help me. I know nothing about code, but that app works... and it's even better than the other BPM apps I have used.

My Journey into Coding

After that mind shift, I started creating other apps, some of which I need help with. I came to the conclusion that I wanted to learn coding. This is a language, and as someone who already knows four(ish) languages, I figured that computer languages should be even easier. They're logical - "if this then that". I might be mistaken, but that's how I imagine it being.

Open Source and Community

So now, I am looking into the open-source community for help in learning and coding. I plan to build these tools to be available for everyone, thereby contributing to the community. I will also create content directed towards people who are mainly involved with coding. Perhaps a 15-minute yoga break could loosen up the body? Maybe a guided breathing practice to empty and re-organize the mind? How about an app that is synced with meditative music as your daily breathing app? That's why I'm here.

Future Plans

I have a simple solution that works. The code isn't complex, or at least the functions of the app aren't. The question is, where and how can I learn? Other "in progress" apps will be linked here soon. As my skills progress and as I possibly receive help from the community, many new and interesting ideas will see the light of day... sooner rather than later.

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