Latvian 2017 Eurovision Song meets YOGAFUNC! Good luck Latvia!

Sending greetings and love to Latvia and “Triana Park” on the occasion of Eurovision Song Contest 2017, the Estonian-created fitness yoga style YOGAFUNC has devised a yoga routine for the song “Line”. It can be performed by anyone to the accompaniment of “Line”, sending power and success to “Triana Park”! # #ESC2017#trianapark #eurovision #eurovision2017

Sūtot sveicienus un mīlestību Latvijai un grupai “Triānas Parks” Eirovīzijā 2017, igauņu radītā fitnesa joga YOGAFUNC radījusi jogas rutīnu dziesmai “Line”. To ikviens var izpildīt “Line” pavadījumā, sūtot spēku un panākumus Triana Parkam!

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YOGAFUNC #23 program launch @ Tartu & Tallinn, Estonia

It’s time to launch brand new YOGAFUNC #23 program with Jocke Salokorpi at Tartu MyFitness Kesklinn and Arctic Sport Club Tallinn.

Schedule in Tartu

18:15-19:10 YOGAFUNC technique
19:15-20:10 YOGAFUNC #23 program launch

Price info Tartu
FREE- YOGAFUNC instructors who have sent registration by 14.12.16
According to regular membership- MyFitness Kesklinn and Lõunakeskus members
3€ if you are not a YOGAFUNC instructor nor MyFitness Tartu member

Schedule in Tallinn
14:00-14:30 YOGAFUNC technique
14:30-16:00 YOGAFUNC #23 program launch

Price info Tallinn
FREE- YOGAFUNC instructors who have sent registration by 16.12.16
According to regular membership- Arctic Sport Club Tallinn members
7€ if you are not a YOGAFUNC instructor nor member of Arctic Sport Club Tallinn

Please let us know you are coming and register HERE

YOGAFUNC Tour de Finlandese 2016

Jocke Salokorpi (the creator of the YOGAFUNC fitness yoga concept) will teach YOGAFUNC demo classes during October and November, in different health & fitness clubs around Finland.

Tour de Finlandese schedule:
1.10 at 13:00 Wasa Sports Club in VAASA
1.10 at 17:00 Ladys Club & SPA in VAASA
3.10 at 18:15 Kuntokeskus ROK Sports in KOKKOLA
8.10 at 13:00 Liikuntakeskus Hukka in OULU
10.10 at 19:10 Kuntokeskus Balanssi NUMMELA
11.10 at 18:30 Kuntokeskus Balanssi VIHTI
12.10 at 19:15 GOGO Hermia in TAMPERE
15.10 at 12:30 LadyLine PORI

1.11 at 17:30 Liikuntakeskus Hyvä Olo in KAUNIAINEN

Check back to our tour list, because it is growing daily!

BE THERE, you won’t regret!

If you are interested to have free YOGAFUNC demo classes in your health- and fitness club or whatever place you have, then let us know. Jocke will come and give an unforgettable class for you and your clients!

Have fun. Get fit. Never Quit!

Here is the music playlist for the new release Jocke will be teaching:

Welcome brand new instructors from Estonia!

New YOGAFUNC instructors. Thank you guys, you rock! Feeling thankful for having the opportunity to work with people like you. Namaste. Also want to thank amazing Julia, my colleague and the second YOGAFUNC educator in the world. 🙂 Great job with this course! Next… Miami! 🙂


Yoga retreat for everyone around the world in beautiful beach town Haapsalu. You can practice ashtanga yoga, YOGAFUNC, TRINGAYOGA, pranayama and guided meditation with Jocke Salokorpi, Terje Hakman-Salokorpi and JAGASPACE. And of course eat Anna’s vegan food.

Price 273€ – includes all yoga trainings, concert with JAGASPACE, vegan breakfasts and dinners and accommodation in beautiful Lahe Guesthouse.
Price with YOGAFUNC instructor Level 3 education 373€ – includes Level 3 education, all yoga trainings, concert with JAGASPACE, vegan breakfasts and dinners, accommodation in Lahe Guesthouse.

Ask more info in Finnish or English and write to or call +3725071655.

YOGAFUNC must have

We’re happy to launch YOGAFUNC hoodies collection. To place your order or ask more information drop us an e-mail to
Price: 45€+ delivery cost

Happy new Funcsters!

You worked really hard. It wasn’t all easy but you can be proud of the outcome. Thank you for the energy that you put in. I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with you… now and in the years and decades to come 😉 “varvas otsaan” 😀

YOGAFUNC launches in Finland

We have great news for Finnish Funcsters! YOGAFUNC is launching in Finland!

Reserve the following dates in 2016:
21.05-22.05    YOGAFUNC trainings by Jocke Salokorpi
29.07-31.07    Level I Instructor training for beginner YOGAFUNC instructors

Information about the event locations will be announced soon.
Let your journey as a YOGAFUNC instructor begin and start spreading the fun!

It’s here, YOGAFUNC #20

Hey Funcsters!

It’s here, YOGAFUNC #20. It’s our 5 year anniversary release and it’s a good one. Last night I was editing the videos and was hyped about the music of this release. There are many songs that I consider one of the great ones. Music wise my favorite tracks are track 1, track 5, track 7, track 9 (I’m a fan of Olafur), track 12 (this has been one of my favorite songs in general, for a long long time), track 13 (another one from Olafur) and track 15 (the relaxation).

What? Track 15? Yes. As I’m writing this, there is not yet 15 tracks, but later today or tomorrow, there is going to be a new track added to the playlist. It’s a new track 14. I will still keep it a secret, so just come back to this page to check out when the new update is there. I think you yogis will love it. 🙂

This time I decided to make the videos without my own commentary. Just the music and the movement. I did this because I wanted the audio to be as good as possible. The videos will show you the choreography and the breath, which of course is part of the choreography. In addition to these choreo videos, I will create other short commentary videos where I just explain some movements that might be a little more complicated. These commentary videos will be uploaded in the next few days. Now you can get started with the learning of the choreography.

Another info that is especially important for you who are doing YOGAFUNC outside of Estonia… Track 4 is a little special this time and I think many Estonians will love it. It doesn’t mean anything to Italians for instance so in this release we will have an optional balance track. This track will be uploaded early next week.

Lastly.. please let us know how the videos work on the website. Are they running smoothly or does it take long to load them? If there are problems, we will fix them, so just let us know so that we can do something if needed.

That’s all for now. Remember to have fun in your classes and I hope to see you soon on the mat. Estonians come to our school and take part of our classes or let’s teach together and I can give you feedback to learn and grow even more. Like I mentioned in one of my videos… you can join all our evening classes, free of charge.


Brand new YOGAFUNC instructors!

What an amazing group of new YOGAFUNC instructors. Thank you for the amazing work you did. You truly went all the way and didn’t save anything for later. I appreciate it A LOT. I’m very excited to continue the work with you in the future. Level II will be a little easier physically but even more challenging emotionally. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

Remember to join our big event 12.03 in the Joogafestival event. YOGAFUNC 1-9, YOGAFUNC 10-19, YOGAFUNC 20 (New) & YOGAFUNC Live with JAGASPACE.


YOGAFUNC @ Joogafestival Elustiilipäev 12.03

YOGAFUNC #20 program launch will be extraordinary on 12th March at @Joogafestival Elustiilipäev at @Kultuurikatel! The festival is full of interesting and inspiring classes and lectures. In addition to that you have an opportunity to enjoy YOGAFUNC for a whole day and try out the best programs of YOGAFUNC throughout past 5 years.

The most exciting part of the day is the launch of YOGAFUNC home edition in collaboration with Jagaspace Live.

Do not miss an opportunity to buy your festival pass TODAY!
Festival pass price:
19€ for subscribed YOGAFUNC instructors

Buy festival pass from us
IBAN EE102200221061596617

For clarification please write Joogafestival and your name.

More information and program of the festival HERE

#19 program launch

We had lots of fun in Sparta Spordikeskus in Tallinn and  MyFitness Kesklinn in Tartu introducing YOGAFUNC #19 program. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

The brand new program will be out in fitness centers very soon! Stay tuned!

Early Bird Registration!

We are very happy to see that so many people are interested in joining YOGAFUNC instructor family and have signed up for Level II Coach training to rise their great instructor skills even more!

For that reason, we are offering a LIMITED number of spots with -15% discount price to Level I Instructor training and Level II Coach training. The offer is valid until 10.12.15.

Sign up HERE today!

YOGAFUNC #19 program launch

Dear Funcsters! We are happy yo invite you all to #19 YOGAFUNC program launch at Sparta Sports Club, Tallinn, Estonia!

13:00-13:30 Arrival
13:30-14:30 Training for the Instructors (only for instructors)
14:30-16:00 YOGAFUNC #19 program + technique (everyone is welcome to the training)

FREE for YOGAFUNC instructors
YOGAFUNC Instructor,  sign up HERE for FREE entrance until 11.12.15

Dates for the upcoming instructor trainings!

Now it’s your chance to start spreading the mental, physical and emotional happiness to people all around you and join YOGAFUNC instructor family!

Here are the confirmed dates of the upcoming instructor trainings in Estonia:
YOGAFUNC Instructor (Level I): 19.02.16-21.02.16
YOGAFUNC Coach (Level II): 15.01.16-17.01.16

Stay tuned for the upcoming dates of instructor trainings in Finland and Italy!

YOGAFUNC in Italy!

We are excited to welcome 4 brand new YOGAFUNC instructors in Italy!

Jocke was funcing it up it Verona, Italy, from 13th-20th October spreading the YOGAFUNC vibe all over the town. Be aware, rest of the Italy, YOGAFUNC movement is viral!

We were warmly welcomed by the In Sport Le Golosine fitness center. Thank you!

Find more pictures HERE


We are happy to announce that the Level I Instructor training registration is now open!

DATE: 30.10.2015-01.11.2015
PRICE: 139€

The initial course for becoming a YOGAFUNC trainer is a 2,5 day weekend course starting Friday afternoon and finishing Sunday evening.

During the course the creator of the YOGAFUNC concept, Jocke Salokorpi, will guide each participant through the foundation of becoming a great YOGAFUNC trainer.

The foundation includes the following key building blocks:
* The technique and the physical execution required in YOGAFUNC
* Instructional skills and coaching
* Class structure and class music analysis

More information and registration HERE

NB! The exact schedule of the training course will be sent to participants before the course.


We are happy to announce the next Level I and Level II Instructor trainings in Italy, Estonia and Finland!

16.10.15-18.10.15 Level I

30.10.15-1.11.15 Level I
13.11.15-15.11.15 Level II

27.11.15-29.11.15 Level I

For more information and registration send an e-mail to

YOGAFUNC @ NRJ Workout Helsinki!

Thank you Funcsters of Finland! It was fun to func it up with you!

We hope to see you soon again. Please use ‪#‎YOGAFUNC‬ when you post your pictures in Facebook and Instagram. And one more thing… Have fun. Get fit. Never quit! – Jocke

Another exciting news is that we are planning to organize an Instructor Training in Helsinki in September. More information coming soon!

Welcome brand new YOGAFUNC Instructors!

YOGAFUNC Level I instructor training has ended for this month.

Thank you guys, you were awesome! Remember to “create space” and have fun in your classes. 🙂
We have 6 more great instructors in our community to spread the YOGAFUNC joy!

For more information on upcoming instructor trainings visit our INSTRUCTOR TRANINGS page.

As a small hind we can say that the next YOGAFUNC Initial Instructor training is planned in Helsinki, Finland. Stay tuned!

YOGAFUNC #17 Music!

It’s time to put another release together. Remember that you have the opportunity to influence each release. We have a playlist in Spotify (check it out here), where you can add your own song suggestions. This is playlist is the main source of music for each new release Jocke puts together. Read More…

Yoga Day in your studio?

Interested of having a fun Yoga Day organized in your studio? Jocke Salokorpi has created this Yoga Day to be easily copied and adjusted to meet your needs. Let’s do a whole day with several classes or just a couple of hours with the classes of your choice. Check out some of the possibilities from below. Read More…