Levels of Education

Level I Instructor Training

The initial course for becoming a YOGAFUNC instructor is a two and a half day weekend course (Level I). During the course, YOGAFUNC educators will guide each participant through the foundation of becoming a great leader in YOGAFUNC classes. The foundation includes the following key building blocks:

1) The technique and the physical execution required in YOGAFUNC;
2) Instructional skills and coaching;
3) Class structure and class music analysis;
4) Communication.

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After finishing the instructor training you can choose between 3 subscription plans in order to have the right to instruct YOGAFUNC classes and access YOGAFUNC Instructor Member Area.

You can choose between 3 subscription plans
1 month plan- 14.9€
3 months plan- 39.9€
1 year plan 149.9€

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Level II Coach Training

The themes in Level II Coach training are

1) Music interpretation
2) “Life” through constrasts
3) Authentic self
4) Becoming a coach

Level II Coach training gives you the tools to transform your classes from good to great.
After successfully participating in level II education, you have the right to advance to the level III Teacher education.

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Level III Hands on Adjustments

In this 3-day education you will learn how to assist your class participants using proper yoga adjustments. Prior to taking part of this education YOGAFUNC instructors are not allowed to do hands on adjustments in their classes. Safety first!

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